Chicken Coops

We build housing for chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, pigeons, and other fowl.

Our coops have the traditional single-slope roof, with windows located on the high end of the coop, normally facing south or east. Any coop can also be constructed with a shed style roof (gable roof), or a barn-style roof (gambrel roof), for no additional cost.  Each coop comes with a hinged “chicken door” (14″ x 14″) that can be closed and secured from either inside or outside, and with a service door with a T handle and lock.

We offer three models of coops:  the Basic, the Deluxe, and the Raised Coop.  The Basic and Deluxe Coops are walk-in coops.  The difference between the Basic and Deluxe Models is the roof construction:  the Deluxe roof has a 10″ overhang on all sides, with a vented soffit on the lower and upper eaves (and a ridge vent on gable and gambrel roofs), for superior ventilation. The Raised Coop is a Coop/Run combination, with the coop area raised off the ground about 20″, and the run area extending under the coop.  Please see our construction specs and prices.

You can select a variety of options and upgrades for your coop, including extra windows, partitioning off a feed room, nest boxes and a roost, and an outdoor run.  Please see our options and upgrades.

Please see our construction specs and prices, and our options and upgrades.