Chicken Coop Construction Specs and Prices

Basic Coop Construction Specs

  • Pressure treated 4×4 skids, and pressure treated 2×4 floor framing 12” on-center
  • Heavy-duty 5/8” pressure treated flooring
  • 6’ rear wall and 8’ front wall; treated pine or cedar trim on corners and door
  • One single door, with T-handle and lock, and one chicken door with T-handle and lock
  • 2 24”x27” single hung windows with screen
  • Screened vents on side walls
  • 29 gauge (.015 thickness) steel roof with 40 year paint warranty

Deluxe Coop Construction Specs

Deluxe Coops include the same construction features of the standard coops with the addition of a vented roof system:

  • The deluxe roof has a 10” overhang on all sides
  • Vented soffit on front and back eaves, to allow for air circulation along the interior roof of the coop for superior ventilation.  Roof styles that include a ridge also have a ridge vent.
  • An aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • (Adds 20% to cost of coop).


Raised Coop Construction Specs

Raised Coops are reach-in coops, not “walk-in”, and are available in either 4′ or 6′ width.  The raised coops are a coop/run combination, with the run extending underneath the raised coop area.

  • The coop/run is built on 4×4 treated skids, and can be pulled from either end.
  • Each coop includes two windows, a chicken door opening into the run area, and a reach-in service door, with T handle and lock, on the back end for egg collecting and cleaning.
  • The run area is a treated 2×4 frame covered with 1/2″ galvanized hardware cloth (much stronger than chicken wire).
  • The run has a walk-in service door, with latch, for access to your chickens.
  • A single roof covers the coop and run. Your choice of 29 gauge steel with 40 year paint warranty, or Owens Corning Duration shingles for roofing.


Coop SizeBasic CoopsDeluxe CoopsRaised Coops
4x6$1,195 $1,450 $1,095
4x8$1,295 $1,575 $1,195
4x10$1,425 $1,725 $1,395
4x12$1,495 $1,795 $1,495
6x6$1,395 $1,650 $1,350
6x8$1,495 $1,695 $1,395
6x10 $1,550 $1,895 $1,495
6x12$1,795 $2,125 $1,695
6x14$2,050 $2,450 $1,895
8x8 $1,650 $1,975
8x10 $1,950 $2,325
8x12 $2,175 $2,650
8x14 $2,425 $2,925
8x16 $2,725 $3,275
8x18$2,995 $3,625
10x10$2,325 $2,795
10x12$2,550 $3,050
10x14 $2,895 $3,425
10x16$3,095 $3,695
10x18$3,350 $4,025
10x20$3,625 $4,375
10x24$4,195 $5,050


For chicken coop options and other upgrades,
see options and upgrades.