If you have a playhouse or a playground in mind, the Cottage Works will build it for you!

Standard Construction Features for Playhouses

  • Playhouses have all of the standard construction features of our cottages:
    • pressure treated 4×4 skids
    • pressure treated 2×4 floor framing at 12″ on center for extra strength
      5/8″ BCX plywood flooring
    • 2×4 wall framing, with studs spaced at 16″ on center and with a double top plate, with 6′ wall height for gable roof buildings and 4′ sidewall height for gambrel roofed buildings
    • 1/2″ DuraTemp premium siding, primed and painted to your choice of color
    • 2×4 rafters, spaced at 24″ on center, with OSB sheathing
    • 5/12 roof pitch with 4″ overhang, and aluminum drip edge
    • 25-35 year self-sealing fiberglass shingles
    • two heavy duty 30″ doors, with black decorative hinges and T-handle door latch with key
    • screened aluminum vents on each gable end wall
    • cedar door trim and pine corner trim
  • Playhouse walls can be shorter than the standard 6′ stud size, if you have in mind a playhouse that is more of a child-sized structure. Many customers choose playhouses which are full-sized cottages, which can also be used for normal storage or work needs, when not being used as a playhouse.

Standard Construction Features for Playgrounds

Each playground design is unique, to suit your space and your interests. The core of a playground design are one or more raised platforms, either shelters with a shingled roof or open.
Platforms are either free standing or permanently installed on pressure treated 4×4 posts.
Platform floors are pressure treated 2x6s, with joists at 16″ on center, covered with pressure treated 5/4 deck boards.