Horse and Livestock Shelters

   We build housing for horses, cattle, and other large and small farm animals:
sheep, goats, pigs, alpacas, and calf housing.

We offer four models of shelters:

  1. the Basic, with a single slope roof that ends at the front wall;
  2. the Gable, with a roof that peaks in the center of the shelter;
  3. the Gambrel, with a barn style roof;
  4. and the Deluxe, with a roof that slopes up to the front wall and then slopes down steeply to create an overhang.

We offer many options for our shelters:  front walls to enclose the shelter, swinging or sliding doors, tack and feed rooms, vents and windows, eavelights and skylights.  Please see our construction specs and prices for each style of shelter, and our available options/upgrades.