Delivery and Other FAQ

If your site is accessible for delivery of the building, we pre-build at our shop and deliver it precisely where you want it, using our shed mover. We put the shed mover on one end of the building and a set of wheels on the other end, and drive the shed right off our trailer and to your pad.

Our delivery charge is $2.50 per loaded mile.
We deliver throughout Wisconsin, northern Illinois and eastern Iowa and Minnesota.

What about building permits?

You are responsible for obtaining necessary building permits and compliance with neighborhood covenants. Because permit requirements vary from county to county, town to town, city to city, and sometimes from neighborhood to neighborhood, we are unable to advise you about what permits you will need. In some areas, installation of storage buildings or other portable buildings is not permitted. Please determine your local building regulations before making a purchase!

Do you build on-site?

We offer on-site construction for sites that are not accessible for delivery of a completed shed with our trailer and shed mover, or for buildings that are wider than 14′ (including the overhang), or higher than 12′ (14’6″ when loaded on the trailer), or longer than 32′.

We also offer on-site construction for building that will be constructed on a cement pad, with the pad as the floor. We will anchor the building directly to the pad.

The steeper your roof pitch, the taller your building. If you are close to the maximum height, you may be able to avoid the on-site construction cost by adjusting the roof pitch.For example, a 12′ wide deluxe shed with 7′ sidewalls and an 8/12 roof pitch is 12’3″ high, and must be built on site. The same building with a 5/12 roof pitch is 10′ 9″ high and can be transported.

Is there an extra charge for on-site construction?

On-site construction of all our buildings (except for horse and livestock shelters) will add 15% to the base price of the building.

On-site construction for horse and livestock shelters that are over 14′ in width or 32′ in length, or that are inaccessible to our delivery truck and trailer will add 5% to the cost of the building.  Please note that a 14′ deep shelter is actually 15′ wide due to the 6″ steel overhang front and rear, and so must be built on-site.  Also, a 12′ deep Deluxe Shelter has a 3′ overhang and is therefore 15′ total width and must be built on-site.

If you are having your building constructed on a cement pad, with the pad as the floor instead of the wooden floor and skids, we subtract the cost of the floor from the on-site construction charge. On-site construction for these buildings will add 8% to the base price of the building.

On-site construction does not eliminate the delivery charge, which is the charge for transporting the building (either completed or yet to be constructed) to your site.

What do you recommend for site preparation?

Your building should be installed on a level surface, preferably with good drainage. We recommend a gravel pad using 3/4 screened limestone rock, compacted into place. If you would like us to help with site preparation, please ask about our site preparation services.

What are your shop and home display lot hours?

Our shop and home display lot is open Monday thru Saturday, 8:30 – 5:30 p.m. If you are travelling some distance to visit the lot or to order a building, please call ahead to ensure that we will be at the shop. We are occasionally out of the shop for deliveries or on-site construction projects.